Honeycomb boards - brown and white

Paper & honeycomb boards

Sustainable paperboards with extremely strong cores. Ideal for digital printing & screen printing, laminating & contour cutting.

Honeycomb panels

Paper & honeycomb boards

Sustainable paperboards with extremely strong cores.
Ideal for digital printing & screen printing, laminating & contour cutting.


Paper-based honeycomb boards have an extra strong core - ideal for small and large format signs, POS displays, packaging and constructions.
They are suitable for lamination, digital printing and screen printing and are an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable alternative to PVC rigid foam sheets and other plastic sheets.

Paper and honeycomb boards available from stock

Ideal for lamination and printing

K-BOARD, FALCONBOARD™ & BEELITE® honeycomb boards as well as SWEDBOARD® and DISPA® paper boards are ideal for signs, hanging, POS displays, packaging and constructions where high stability is required. The lightweight and strong panels are also used in a variety of other applications such as exhibition and shop fitting, window dressing and furniture. Excellent for screen and digital printing and easy to cut. Learn more about honeycomb on our YouTube channel

Honeycomb boards and paper boards have brown or white paper surfaces on both sides and a strong core of brown or white paper.
Solid brown FALCONBOARD™ Mount boards are commonly used for packaging, substructures and lamination.
FALCONBOARD™ Print and BEELITE® Print are white on both sides with a brown core and are ideal for direct digital printing and screen printing. BEELITE® Print honeycomb panels have a fire rating of DIN EN 13501-1 Euroclass E ("B2").
The FSC®-certified SWEDBOARD® Fibre Premium paper panels with PE coating have an extremely strong brown core in a sinusoidal honeycomb structure.
With K-BOARD All White and DISPA® we also offer two completely white materials with a high degree of whiteness, which, like all our other boards, are easy to print and process.

Our materials are environmentally friendly and plastic free. As 100% recyclable material, they can be easily and cheaply disposed of as waste paper. This makes them a sustainable alternative to rigid PVC foam and plastic sheets.

Not sure which material is right for your application? Our paper & honeycomb sample box will help you make the right choice, with the qualities in a handy A4 format right at your fingertips.

Many thicknesses, large sizes, cutting service, fast delivery

As a long-standing wholesaler of honeycomb panels, we offer several  thicknesses  - 3.8 / 10 / 16 and 18 mm. Our standard formats range from 1524 x 1016 mm to large formats such as 1220 x 2400 mm and XXL formats such as 1400 x 3050 mm. If your desired format is not available, we can also cut special formats such as 700 x 1000 mm on request.

Individually printed and ready for use table displays made of honeycomb panels in DIN A4 and A5 format as well as sustainable alternative to A-frames in A1 and XL format can be ordered on KOHLSCHEINcreative.com.

Our large warehouse and professional logistics enable us to deliver worldwide at short notice. With 90 years of experience as a manufacturer and wholesaler of sustainable materials for print, display and packaging, we provide you with a competent all-round service including professional advice.

Frequently asked questions about paper and honeycomb boards

Honeycomb boards have paper surfaces on both sides and have a paper core in sinusoidal or honeycomb structure. They are particularly light and strong and are also referred to as honeycomb panels or paperboard - not to be confused with solid paperboard!
Due to their special stability, our sustainable honeycomb panels are often used as an alternative to e.g. PVC rigid foam panels for POS displays, figures, signs, packaging and much more.
Only certain products such as BEELITE® Print honeycomb boards have a fire protection certification. The fire rating of this board is classified according to DIN EN 13501-1 Euroclass E (also referred to as "B2").
Honeycomb panels are easy to cut by digital cutting plotter or manual cutter knife. They allow creative free-form shapes as well as V-cuts and contour cuts.

You can find more questions and answers in our FAQ section.