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KOHLSCHEIN has been involved in the production, processing and trading of paper, cardboard and paperboard materials since 1932.

As a family-owned company focused on the long term, we are aware of the social necessity of responsible procurement, sustainable use of natural resources and social justice and are committed to these principles.

Sustainability at KOHLSCHEIN


In addition to mindfulness and agility, our values also include sustainability on an ecological, social and economical level.

We know that these three aspects are mutually dependent and therefore align our corporate actions with these goals in mind to achieve holistic sustainability.

This includes measures to save energy and water as well as health management for employees or the effective use of existing raw materials and resources to avoid unnecessary costs and thus ensure the sustainable continued existence of the company.

This is how we take responsibility for present and future generations.

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Ecology | Enviroment

Ecologically sustainable action for the preservation of nature through thoughtful use of all resources has always been a priority  for us.

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Waste cannot always be avoided. Therefore, we attach great importance to bringing reusable raw materials into the recycling loop through waste separation. 

The amount of recyclable waste that we returned to the recycling loop averaged 91% in the years 2018 to 2021.

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We harness the power of nature with our photovoltaic system, which produces up to 300,000 kWh of solar power annually and the purchase of 100% green electricity from certified hydropower sources. 

 In this way we contribute to climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies.

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PEFC and FSC® are international forest certification systems for the promotion of ecologically, socially and economically sustainable forestry throughout the world. 
As a responsible manufacturer of sustainable cardboard products, we have been offering our customers PEFC and FSC®-certified materials since 2010.

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Social | Society 

Responsibility, solidarity & justice.

Social sustainability starts with our employees. We act responsibly toward our employees and always consider the social consequences of our decisions. We know that our employees are the main pillars of the company's success and we want them to enjoy working with us, helping us to to maintain a sustainable habitat for future generations.    

As a fourth generation family business, the areas of education, health and identification are very close to our hearts, in addition to social justice. That is why we offer our employees, further training, ergonomic workplaces and support with pension schemes. We are proud to have many  long standing employees who are still connected with us even after their well-deserved retirement via the "KOHLSCHEIN retiree Club"

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Our goal is to operate sustainably. Raw materials are used as effectively as possible. We constantly invest in our sales and production processes as well as in resource-saving improvements to our technology. For example, thanks to our certification and implementation of ISO 9001, we are able to make a decisive contribution to securing and continuously optimising our products and services, which has an impact on performance, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Through the optimal use of resources, we increase the efficiency and economic performance of our company. This allows us  to remain competitive in the industry for the foreseeable future and to secure jobs for future generations.

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