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Plastic sheets

High-quality polystyrene & polypropylene sheets for
indoor & outdoor use in white or silver/mirrored.

Mirror polystyrene | Akyplac® | Akylite®| Akyprint® | SMART-X® 

Lightweight and strong plastic sheets for direct digital printing and screen printing, large format display stands, posters, POS displays, signs as well as store and exhibition stand construction.
Almost all plastic sheets are weather resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to various polypropylene sheets such as PP hollow core sheets, we also stock mirrored polystyrene sheets.

Plastic sheets in large format 


We stock a range of lightweight and strong sheets made of plastics such as polystyrene and polypropylene that are used for various applications such as posters and signs, hanging signs, display stands, POS displays, decorations and exhibition stand construction - both indoors and outdoors.

The high-gloss mirror polystyrene on one side is an absolute eye-catcher. It is lightweight, impact resistant and can be supplied with optional self-adhesive backing.
Akyplac® twin-wall sheets made of polypropylene are weather-resistant and can therefore also be used outdoors. In 10 mm thickness, the sheets are also flame retardant (fire protection class: DIN4102/B1).
Akylite® and Akyprint® dimpled textured sheets have no ribs in the core and are therefore described as non-directional. They are also waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Akyprint® has other special properties as is flame retardant (fire protection class: DIN 4102/B1), moisture resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant.
SMART-X® plastic sheets can be used outdoors for up to 2 years and are also heat, UV  and impact resistant. 

All plastic sheets can be printed and cut for further processing and, depending on the material, sawn, milled or punched.  

Large sizes, Cutting service, Fast delivery

As a distributor of plastic sheets, we offer materials in 1 to 10 mm thickness and large sizes from 1,000 x 2,000 mm to 1,600 x 3,000 mm directly from stock. If you need a smaller cut, we can cut your desired format. Our extensive warehouse, individual service and professional logistics enable us to deliver small formats and large formats at short notice.

With many years of experience as a dealer of plastic sheets, you will get a competent all-round service including professional advice from us.

Are you looking for eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative materials? In our category sustainable materials you will find an extensive range of very stable, high-quality and paper- fibre-based cardboards, paperboards and honeycomb panels for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Frequently asked questions about plastic sheets

Our range includes plastic sheets made of various materials such as mirror polystyrene as well as 100% recyclable SMART-X® polystyrene sheets and also 100% recyclable Akylite®, Akyplac® and Akyprint® polypropylene sheets (PP). 
Depending on the type of plastic, the sheets can be cut using different methods. Our SMART-X® polystyrene sheets can be milled and sawn and our mirror polystyrene can also be cut (digital, laser, knife) and punched. Akyplac®, Akylite® and Akyprint® can be cut (digital, laser, knife) and punched by us. Please feel free to send us a cutting request.
Both our Akyplac®, Akylite® and Akyprint® polypropylene sheets and SMART-X® polystyrene sheets have very good weather resistance and can be used in outdoor applications, e.g. as signs and posters (election posters, circus posters, etc.).
 We stock a variety of sturdy, high-quality and paper-fibre-based board materials in both small and large formats, which are not only 100% recyclable, but also FSC® or PEFC certified. These paperboard grades and boards are plastic-free, making them an ideal sustainable alternative to plastic boards. Learn more in the category "Sustainable materials".

Find more questions & answers in our FAQ section.