KROMA® display paperboard - sustainable & plastic-free

Paperboard & cardboard

Wide range of high quality & sustainable paperboard qualities with excellent printing and converting properties for signs, displays, packaging and more.

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Paperboard & cardboard

Wide range of high quality & sustainable paperboard qualities with excellent
printing and converting properties for signs, displays, packaging and more.


Ideal materials for large format digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, laminating, visual communication and packaging:
Perfect cut edges, excellent flatness, certified sustainability and simple disposal make our paperboard products ideal alternatives to plastic sheets.

Paperboard and Cardboard available from stock

Ideal for printing and processing

Our wide range of display board, woodpulp board, solid board and graphic papers enables a variety of applications in signage, advertising displays and sales displays for POS/POP. In addition, thanks to excellent flatness, printability and easy finishing, our materials are being used for bookbinding, industrial purposes and packaging. See more on our YouTube channel

The premium cardboard products at KOHLSCHEIN are laminated in multiple layers on our laminating machines, thus forming an extremely stable composite. Due to the laminating of different paperboard products,  a variety of coloured surfaces and inserts, such as whiteblack and brown, and other colours  - blue, gold and silver (mirror) are possible.

Our materials are environmentally friendly, plastic-free and 100% recyclable. Almost all materials are FSC®- or PEFC-certified, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic sheets. 

From particularly thin paperboard products for graphic applications, to rigid boards for display solutions, wet-strength boards for outdoor use, solid cardboards for laminating and self-adhesive boards - at KOHLSCHEIN you will find a solution. For contact with dry, non-greasy foods or toys several of our boards are ISEGA-certified.

Unsure which product is right for your application? Our sample box cardboard/paperboard helps you to make the right choice by allowing you to physically handle the products in this practical DIN A4 format.

Many thicknesses and formats, cutting service, fast delivery

As a manufacturer of premium cardboards and paperboards, we have a wide range of immediately available stock thicknesses from 0.5 to 8.0 mm and grammages from 140 to 3695 g/m². Our small formats start at 500 x 700 mm via large formats such as 880 x 1240 and 1400 x 1000 mm and go up to XXL formats such as 1530 x 3050 mm.

If the right format is not available, we can produce 2- to 5-layer, waste-saving and cost-effective special formats on our reel-to-sheet lamination machine. Reel widths from 700 to 1560 mm and sheet lengths of up to 4500 mm enable us to produce special formats according to your requirements. Furthermore, we can also cut special formats in smaller quantities from our catalogue to suit your needs.

Our large warehouse and professional logistics enable us to deliver small formats and (XXL) large formats at short notice worldwide. With over 90 years of experience as a manufacturer of cardboard and paperboard, we provide you with a competent all-round service including professional advice.

Frequently asked questions about paperboard & cardboard

The difference is mainly in the grammage. A grammage of up to 225 g/m² is referred to as paper, above that as cardboard (corrugated board and solid board). For grammages between 150 - 600 g/m², can be referred to as paperboard.
Our plastic-free paperboards are very rigid and are often used as a sustainable replacement for plastic sheets for signs, POS displays, cards, industrial packaging, protective layers and more.
Solid board (also referred to as paperboard) are (multilayered) composite materials with a high bulk and closed edges all around, whereas corrugated cardboard has open edges leaving the inner corrugated structure visible. Advantages of solid board compared to corrugated board include a clean, smooth edge and high stability with comparatively low thickness. Paperboard also has a smoother surface than corrugated board and is accordingly more suitable for high-quality printing.
Our cardboards, paperboards and papers (except MIRRI mirror board) can be easily and inexpensively disposed of as waste paper and will be 100% recycled.

You can find more questions & answers in our FAQ section.