NT Cutter / Cutter knife

Professional cutter with extremely sharp blades and sturdy handle for precise cutting of paperboard, cardboard, lightweight foam boards etc. by hand.
Precise blade guidance | With snap-off blades & tool | Sturdy plastic housing

Cutter (inclusive 3 blades)
Spare blades (10 blisters of 6 blades)
3 pieces
60 blades
NT Cutter / Cutter knife
Professional, extremely sharp cutter for an optimal cutting edge!

Professional cutter with extremely sharp blade and sturdy handle, model L-550 (incl. 2 replacement blades). A locking screw fixes the blade securely and, together with the sturdy housing, ensures precise blade guidance. Due to the snap-off blades (snap-off edges), they always have optimum cutting performance. A snap-off tool for the blades is also included.


Ideal for professional use at the cutting table, in the studio, workshop, during assembly or in the office or for cutting paper, cardboard, lightweight foam boards, etc.


As a distributor of NT cutters, we offer the knife with a total of 3 blades in a set, as well as a package of 60 spare blades.

NT Cutter / Cutter knife


Cutter (inclusive 3 blades), Spare blades (10 blisters of 6 blades)

Here is an overview of the versions we have available in stock.

Cutter (knife shaft + blade)
Spare blades (10 blisters of 6 blades)