Akyprint bubble structure panels smooth on both sides for large format indoor & outdoor advertising displays, ceiling hangers & posters

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    Material:Three-layer polypropylene board (PP) with smooth and white cover layers on both sides and direction-independent dimpled structure
    Size:1400 x 2000 mm | Special formats on request
    Thickness:3.3 mm
    Grammage:900 gsm
    Made in:Europe
    Properties:Lightweight | Very good weather resistance | Moisture resistant | Oil resistant | Chemical resistant | Flame retardant (fire protection class: DIN 4102/B1)
    Print methods:UV digital printing | Only suitable to a limited extent for screen printing (carry out tests beforehand!)
    Processing:Die cutting | Digital cutting | Laminating
    Applications:Large-format advertising displays | Window displays | Ceiling hangers | Posters | Signs for indoor and outdoor use
    Features:Sanded surfaces with high opacity for excellent printability in digital printing

    Product description

    Akyprint bubble structure sheets smooth on both sides with white, high opacity surfaces!

    Three-layer polypropylene (PP) sheet with smooth, white, high opacity surfaces on both sides. Akyprint has a non-directional (isotropic) dimpled structure and very good weather resistance. Lightweight and 100% recyclable alternative to Kömaprint PVC rigid foam sheets. These PP sheets are flame retardant (fire protection class: DIN 4102/B1), moisture resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant.


    Excellent for large format advertising displays, POS/POP displays, window displays, ceiling hangers and indoor and outdoor posters such as election posters, circus posters, construction signs as well as for other signs (e.g. events such as marksmen’s fairs, flea markets etc.).

    Further processing:

    Akyprint is an ideal sheet material for double-sided UV digital printing due to the sanded surfaces with high opacity (only limited suitability for screen printing – please test in advance!). The large dimples in the middle layer make the plates flat and light, while the high dimple density ensures high and uniform stiffness. Dimpled structural sheets can be die-cut, digitally cut and laminated with foils. Non-directional bubble structural panels have the advantage that no running direction needs to be observed during processing.

    (Special) formats & free-forms:

    As a distributor of Akyprint polypropylene sheets, KOHLSCHEIN offers the stock format 1400 x 2000 mm.
    Special formats are available on request.
    We are happy to cut individual blanks or freeforms to your specifications: Cutting service.

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