GATORFOAM lightweight foam boards extremely stable for laminating or mounting large format prints + photos

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    Material:Lightweight foamboard | Sandwich panel
    Surface:Solid polystyrene white or black on both sides
    Core:Colour-matched polyurethane foam
    Sizes:1220 x 2440 | 1525 x 3050 mm | Special formats on request
    Thicknesses:5 | 10 mm
    Grammages:1120 | 1310 gsm
    Properties:Lightweight | Very good flatness | High dimensional stability
    Print methods:Screen printing | Digital printing
    Processing:Laminating | Sawing | Milling
    Applications:For mounting prints & images | Displays | 3D applications | Decorations | Signs
    Features:Especially hard and resistant blankets for laminating large format prints + photos

    Product description

    GATORFOAM lightweight foam boards are extremely stable and ideal for lamination!

    Sandwich panel with resin-impregnated top layers on both sides made of special cellulose laminate (white or black) and a colour-matched polysytrol foam core.


    Due to the hard and resistant tops, GATORFOAM panels have excellent stability and are ideal as a carrier board for laminating large format prints + photos. They are also used for a variety of other advertising purposes such as signage (indoor), POS / POP displays, 3D applications (logos and fonts), shop design, ceiling hangers and life-size figures as well as by architects, shop fitters and trade fair constructors.
    Are you a photographer? In this case our one-sided black / overleaf bright white plates for V-Flats are the optimal accessories for your studio.

    Further processing:

    GATORFOAM lightweight boards can be optimally processed: The unique bright white surface ensures excellent printing results and optimum image quality in digital printing (large format flatbed printers). The surfaces are also suitable for the use of ultra violet printing inks in screen printing. GATORFOAM is also sprayable and brushable. The lightweight foam boards can be cut by simple mechanical processing with standard tools of wood and plastics processing: saws (band saw, pendulum jigsaw, circular saw), milling and water jet cutting. By using the right types of adhesive, printed papers and foils can be optimally laminated onto the panels.

    Hot lamination:
    • Max. temperature must not exceed 90 °C
    • Max. pressure on the GATORFROAM plate: 1bar
    • Max. time of 3 min. should not be exceeded
    • Boards thicker than 10 mm should be heated before lamination
    Cold lamination pressure sensitive adhesive:
    • Commercially available SK-foils can be used for cold lamination
    • Before laminating, the board should have adjusted to room temperature for best results
    • If machine lamination is used, care must be taken to use the appropriate materials
    • GATORFOAM white should be roughened before lamination
    (Special) formats & free-forms:

    As a leading 3A distributor we offer GATORFOAM in various thicknesses and sizes.
    We are happy to cut individual (special) formats and free-forms according to your specifications: Cutting service.

    Further features:
    • Cover layers are resistant to commercially available water-based and UV-curing inks; not suitable for solvent-based adhesives and inks.
    • The foam core is not resistant to solvents, solvent-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives.
    • Meets the following standards: DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007

    All information is based on the current technical knowledge and experience of the manufacturer. It is to be regarded as advisory and therefore not legally binding.

    Practical accessories:
    • Poster stands: For easy erection of signs made of KAPA line lightweight foam boards