Mounting hooks

    Mounting hooks as a practical aid for hanging KAPA, FOAM-X and GATORFOAM panels

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    Material:Mounting hooks made of metal, galvanized
    Size:15 x 40 mm
    Properties:Bendable | Stainless
    Applications:Auxiliary means for hanging light foam panels | Sandwich panels on walls

    Product description

    Mounting hook for easy and quick positioning of lightweight foam panels!


    Galvanized and bendable mounting hooks (metal hangers). A hook opening allows exact positioning on the wall.

    Application purposes:

    The hooks are the ideal aid for hanging lightweight foam boards / sandwich boards such as KAPA, FOAM-X and GATORFOAM, e.g. as boards for presentations and workshops. They are pressed into the back of the board where they anchor themselves securely in the foam core by means of a small counter hook / barb.


    As a distributor of mounting hooks, KOHLSCHEIN offers the size 15 x 40 mm.

    Practical accessories: