All materials from our delivery and manufacturer programme - as well as materials provided by the customer - can be cut at KOHLSCHEIN on specialized machines to its requested size.
With our modern machinery and qualified employees we always meet the highest requirements and take on any challenge.

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High speed cutters

For cutting and splitting of printing sheets, card boards, paper, films, PVS-sheets, synthetic materials etc.

- Max. cutting size: 1.750 x 1.750 mm

Format circular saw

For cutting and splitting of sheet materials.

- Max. cutting size: 3.030 x 3.030 mm

Special cutting machines

For precise and largely dust-free cutting or rather splitting of large format light-weight foam boards such as KAPA® and FOAM-X and FALCONBOARD™ honey comb boards.

Cost-efficiency by waste optimization and consistent high accuracy in format by industrial cutting.

- Max. cutting size: 2.980 x 2.980 mm
Rotary shears

For cutting and grooving of corrugated boards.

- Max. cutting width: 2.200 mm

Digital cutting | Zund cutting tables

Cutting and grooving of solid and corrugated boards, card boards and lightweight foam boards f.e. for the developing and realisation of 3D-works. Our digital cutting tables are ideal for precise and contour cuttings.

Digital cutting enables cost savings as the otherwise necessary stamping tools are not needed anymore. In combination with the digital printing technology small editions and individual constructions of advertising materials such as give-aways or presentation aids are now economically feasible.

- Max. size: 3.210 x 3.200 mm
- Max. material thickness: 55 mm (depending on the material)