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DIN A4 sample boxes for the right material selection

Do you have an exciting project coming up and are still looking for the right material?
Our new A4 sample boxes contain the most important products and thicknesses, so there is a suitable material for every application.

 There are three different boxes to choose from with materials for print, display and packaging:

We produce our environmentally friendly and plastic-free cardboard products from renewable raw materials on our reel-to-sheet laminating machine in thicknesses from 0.69 - 5.0 mm. They are ideally suited to the requirements of the paper and board trade, the printing industry, display and packaging producers and a wide range of other industrial and graphic applications.

Lightweight foam boards
Low weight, high dimensional stability, good flatness, simple further processing: these are the proven characteristics of lightweight foam boards. Customers requiring lightweight sheets for advertising, presentation, display purposes, laminating, photo mounting or for trade fairs and model making will find what they are looking for in our local shops in Germany  and Switzerland .
Environmentally friendly honeycomb panels made of 100% paper are light and stable and have ideal printing and finishing properties. They can be used in a variety of ways e.g. for display stands, POS displays, window dressing, trade fair and shop fitting as well as large format laminations. Available in our local shops for customers from Germany and Switzerland.

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