KAPA® graph (Lightweight foam boards)

Both sides deep black or bright white lightweight foam boards with color-matching core for creative work, presentation & model making.
Heat resistant | Easy to cut | Acid-free

Black on both sides (core light gray)
White on both sides (core white)
5.0 mm
Stock format
500 x 700 mm
700 x 1000 mm
1000 x 1400 mm
12 boards
24 boards
Select strength/format/finish to display available VEs.
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KAPA® graph (Lightweight foam boards)
Ideal presentation board for architects and designers!

Particularly high-quality sandwich panel with deep black or bright white outer layers of cellulose and a grey or white panel core of PUR rigid foam.


KAPA® graph is used as a designer board / background board for a wide range of creative work, as well as for presentations and in model making. In addition, the acid-free and ph-neutral boards are suitable for use as picture backgrounds and passepartout boards. KAPA® graph lightweight boards are used wherever a particularly aesthetic design surface is required.

Further processing:

The matt surface layers can be printed directly with digital or screen printing and - in contrast to the glossy KAPA® color surfaces - are very easy to apply. Simple cutting (with a cutter/knife or digital cutting plotter) allows creative free forms.

(Special) sizes & freeforms:

As a leading 3A distributor KOHLSCHEIN offers KAPA® graph lightweight foam boards in many thicknesses and sizes from 500 x 700 mm to 1000 x 1400 mm (white in 715 g/m² and black in 730 g/m²).
We are happy to cut individual (special) sizes and free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.

Further features:

  • Cover layers can be processed with commercially available adhesives and colors.
  • The foam core is resistant to almost all solvents and adhesives. For adhesives containing toluene, please carry out tests beforehand.
  • Service temperature continuous Td = -20 to 100°C; short-term Tk = up to 160°C
  • Fire protection class: B3
  • pH value: 8.1 (acid-free)
  • MMeets the following standards: DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • PAT tested (Photographic Activity Test) and passed ISO 18916
All information is based on the current technical knowledge and experience of the manufacturer. It is to be regarded as advisory and therefore not legally binding.


KAPA® product information (PDF file)

KAPA® graph (Lightweight foam boards)


5.0 mm


715 g/m², 730 g/m²

Stock format:

500 x 700 mm, 700 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 1400 mm

Type of Material :

Lightweight foam board, Sandwich board


Cellulose carton


Black, White (Pure white)


Polyurethane foam (bright), Grey, White

Printing processes:

Digital printing, Large format digital printing, Screen printing

Further processing:

Cutting, Laminating

Application/range of use:

Calendar(-back), Decorations, Displays POS/POP, Figurines, Framing, Hanging signs, Lamination substrate for prints & photos, Model making, Posters, Presentations, Shop window design, Signs, Stands

Special features:

Acid-free, CFC-free, Heat resistance, Low weight, pH-neutral, Temperature resistant


3A Composites



Here is an overview of the grammages, thicknesses and formats we have in stock.
Special formats and/or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Surfaces white (core white)

Grammage (g/m²)  Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
715 5 500 x 700 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400

Surfaces black (core gray)

Grammage (g/m²)  Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
730 5 500 x 700 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400