Akyplac® (Twinwall polypropylene boards)

Twinwall sheets for indoor and outdoor use e.g. as sign, outdoor poster, election poster or for POS displays and event advertising.
Lightweight & stable | High weather resistance | 100% recyclable

3.0 mm
3.5 mm
Stock format
1300 x 1800 mm
50 boards
Akyplac® (Twinwall polypropylene boards)
Multiwall sheets for temporary outdoor use!

White, translucent twinwall sheets made of polypropylene (PP) with high weather resistance. 100% recyclable. The 10 mm thick sheet is flame retardant (fire protection class: B1 according to DIN4102-1).


Akyplac® polypropylene panels are ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising, such as signage, temporary signage (realtor signs, directional signs, arrows), outdoor posters for events, flea markets and elections, and POS/POP displays.

Further processing:

Twin-wall sheets are characterized by low weight and high stability and are ideally printable by flexographic printing, screen printing and digital printing. They can be die-cut, digitally cut, grooved, laser cut and are 100% recyclable. With multi-skin sheets, it should be noted that, for example, with an election poster (portrait format), the webs run horizontally, as they are more difficult to bend in this direction (otherwise the posters would bend when attached to the lantern). This means that for a portrait format of 594 x 841 mm, the bars should run parallel to the 594 mm side.

(Special) sizes & freeforms:

As a distributor of Akyplac® polypropylene sheets, we offer different thicknesses (10 mm thickness only available on request).
Special formats are available on request.
We are happy to cut individual blanks or freeforms to your specifications: cutting service.

Akyplac® (Twinwall polypropylene boards)


3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 10.0 mm


450 g/m², 600 g/m², 1800 g/m²

Stock format:

3000 x 1600 mm, 1300 x 1800 mm

Type of Material :

Plastic, Polypropylene (PP)


Polypropylen (PP)




Polypropylen (PP)

Printing processes:

Digital printing, Large format digital printing, Screen printing

Further processing:

Cutting, Die-cutting, Laser

Application/range of use:

Decorations, Displays POS/POP, Figurines, Hanging signs, Industrial applications, Model making, Posters, Shop window design, Signs, Stands

Special features:

Waterproof, Low weight, Moisture repellent





Here is an overview of the grammages, thicknesses and formats we have in stock.
Special formats and/or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Grammage (g/m²) Thickness (mm)  Available formats (mm)
450 3.0 - 1300 x 1800
(bar run parallel to 1300)
600 3.5 - 1300 x 1800
(bar run parallel to 1300)
1800* 10.0* 3000 x 1600
(bar run parallel to 3000)

*Available on request.