Mirror polystyrene

    Mirror polystyrene with excellent mirror effect for an eye-catching presentation - also available with self-adhesive back side

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    Material:Polystyrene sheets with high-gloss mirror film on one side, back side white or with self-adhesive finish
    Size:1000 x 2000 mm | Special formats on request
    Thickness:1.0 mm
    Grammages:1060 gsm or 1260 gsm in self-adhesive
    Properties:Lightweight | Flexible | Impact resistant
    Print methods:Digital printing | Screen printing (be sure to test in advance!)
    Processing:Die cutting | Digital cutting | Sawing | Drilling | Milling
    Features:Excellent mirror effect for eye-catching advertising

    Product description

    High gloss mirror polystyrene with optional self-adhesive backside!

    Polystyrene plates laminated on one side with a high-gloss mirror film, back side white or with self-adhesive finish. On the mirror side, the plates are provided with a protective film.


    Mirror polystyrene sheets are used in many fields such as luxury goods and cosmetics for POS/POP displays as well as for sophisticated window display, store fitting, furniture making, elaborate studio decoration and stage decoration.

    Further processing:

    Polystyrene mirrors can be screen printed and digitally printed – however, customers should be sure to conduct a print test in advance. They are lightweight, flexible and impact resistant and can be die-cut, digitally cut, sawed, drilled and milled. Tip: Mirror poly should only be punched and cut from the front side.

    (Special) formats & free-forms:

    As a distributor of polystyrene mirrors, KOHLSCHEIN offers the stock format 1000 x 2000 mm.
    Special formats are available on request.
    We are happy to cut individual blanks or freeforms to your specifications: Cutting service.

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