Comfort mounting hooks

    Comfort mounting hook - ideal aid for hanging lightweight foam panels / sandwich panels

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    Material:Comfort mounting hooks made of metal, galvanized
    Size:15 x 47 mm
    Properties:Bendable | Stainless
    Applications:Auxiliary means for hanging light foam panels | Sandwich panels on walls

    Product description

    Comfort mounting hook for easy and quick placement of sandwich panels on walls!

    Galvanized and bendable comfort mounting hooks (metal hangers), which are provided with a hinge eye particularly suitable for C-hook fixation.


    The hooks are the ideal aid for hanging lightweight foam boards / sandwich boards such as KAPA, FOAM-X and GATORFOAM, e.g. as boards for presentations and schoolings. They are pressed into the back of the board where they anchor themselves securely in the foam core by means of a small counter hook / barb.


    As a distributor of mounting hooks, KOHLSCHEIN offers the size 15 x 47 mm.

    Practical accessories:
    • Mounting hooks as an aid for hanging lightweight foam boards
    • Poster stands for easy mounting of signs, posters and figures made of KROMA®
    • Aluminum rulers with non-slip contact surface and cm scale
    • NT Cutter with snap-off blades for use at the cutting table®