Aluminium rulers

    Aluminium rulers / cutting rulers with anti-slip support surface and cm scale

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    Sizes:520 | 1040 | 1540 mm length
    Properties:Anti-slip | cm graduation | High finger protection edge
    Applications:Cutting work during assembly and in the workshop as well as in the office, school and in the household when doing handicrafts

    Product description

    Sturdy aluminum rulers with high finger protection edge!

    Sturdy aluminium ruler with anti-slip insert and cm scale for those who want to measure and cut at the same time.

    Application purposes:

    The soft, anti-slip support surface protects the materials to be cut from scratching, keeps the ruler in place and, in conjunction with the high finger protection edge, enables safe and precise cuts. Due to the extra length of the sturdy aluminium rulers, a 1,000 mm long cut, for example, can be made without any problems using the 1,040 mm long ruler without having to apply it a second time. Cutting rulers lie well in the hand due to the high edge and are used in workshops and for assembly as well as in the office, in schools and in the household for handicraft work.


    As a distributor of cutting rulers, KOHLSCHEIN offers stock formats in 520 / 1040 and 1540 mm lengths.

    Practical accessories:
    • Cutting mats with non-slip surfaces and cm scale
    • NT Cutter with snap-off blades for use at the cutting table
    • Display materials: Tools & processing aids for further processing of cardboard and sheet materials