Whiteboard foil for easy adhesion to solid surfaces/materials for trainings & presentations

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    Material:Whiteboard foil
    Size:1,37 x 25 m (width x length)
    Properties:Very smooth | High quality
    Processing:For dry application with solid materials
    Applications:Training and presentations in offices | Schools | Hospitals | Restaurants and at seminars or similar events
    Features:Removable | Rewritable

    Product description

    Whiteboard foil for writing on with whiteboard markers!

    Very smooth & high-quality whiteboard film for particularly easy dry application on smooth and solid surfaces (e.g. boards, glass, wood, plastic) indoors. We are also happy to do the work for you – you can find our ready-made whiteboards here.
    Whiteboards are used for writing during trainings or presentations e.g. in offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants as well as seminars or similar events.


    Due to finest air channels, bubbles can be easily brushed out, so that even large sizes can be glued easily.
    The scratch-resistant surface can be written on with all whiteboard markers and can be easily wiped off again with a dry cloth for the next use.


    As a distributor of whiteboard film, KOHLSCHEIN offers rolls of 1.37 x 25 m (width x length).

    All information is based on the current technical knowledge and experience of the manufacturer. It is to be regarded as advisory and therefore not legally binding.

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