Flame Retardant Spray 201 (B1)

    Flame Retardant Spray 201 for subsequent B1 impregnation of absorbent materials

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    Product:Flame Retardant Spray
    Made in:Germany
    Properties:Fast drying | Colorless
    Features:For absorbent materials
    Downloads:Safety data sheet

    Product description

    Flame retardant spray for B1 fire protection impregnation!

    Product / Applications:

    Flame protection spray 201 for subsequent B1 impregnation.
    With the spray, which is certified according to DIN-4102-Part1, absorbent materials receive an effective B1 fire protection impregnation, which reduces the risk of their flammability. Suitable for trade fair construction, events, theaters, catering etc. (indoors).
    When treating materials, make sure that an even and sufficiently thick layer is always applied. Flame Retardant Spray 201 is fast drying and colorless.

    Please note:

    Finishing with flame retardants does not completely prevent fire hazards. Please read the use and warning instructions on the can before use.
    The safety data sheet can be found here.

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