KROMA Natural White

    KROMA® Natural White extra smooth board for POS/POP displays, laminations, children's books, puzzles etc.

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    Material:Cardboard | Paperboard | Solid board
    Surface:Double-sided extra-smooth display carton with natural white, uncoated top layers
    Core:Bright core of woodpulp board
    Sizes:700 x 1000 | 1400 x 1000 mm | Special formats on request
    Thicknesses:1.0 | 1.5 | 2.0 | 3.0 mm | Special thicknesses on request
    Grammages:625 | 860 | 1050 | 1475 gsm
    Made in:Germany
    Sustainability:Made of 100% renewable raw materials | 100% recyclable | Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sheets
    Properties:Very good flatness | High stability | Easy processing | Without optical brighteners
    Print methods:Digital printing | Screen printing | Offset printing (only 1 mm)
    Processing:Laminating | Die cutting | Digital cutting | Embossing
    Applications:Displays | Books | Puzzles | calendar backgrounds | framings etc.
    Features:Ideal cutting properties for clean cut edges
    Downloads:KROMA Natural White Facts & Figures (PDF file)

    Product description

    KROMA natural white display board for lamination or direct printing!

    The silky-smooth top layers made of uncoated folding boxboard (UC) in combination with an insert made of Finnish wood-based machine board give KROMA® Natural White (formerly known as “Eka Silkboard”) a natural look & silky-smooth feel!
    If you are looking for a double-sided bright white display board, we recommend KROMA® Displayboard.


    KROMA® Natural White is ideal for lamination, bookbinding (e.g. children’s books), calendar backs, puzzles and framing. Furthermore, this high-quality, PEFC™-certified solid board is used for displays, counter displays, signage (signs, ceiling hangers), packaging as well as for invitation & greeting cards.

    Further processing:

    The very good flatness and high stability allow an optimal further processing, e.g. laminating , die cutting & digital cutting. The especially smooth cardboard top layers can be printed excellently in flatbed printing processes such as direct digital printing and screen printing.

    KROMA® Natural White for POS/POP materials – Digitally printed & cut


    KROMA® Natural White cardboard is PEFC™-certified (No. 44 702 100091) and can be disposed of easily & economically as a 100% recyclable material.
    By using renewable & responsibly sourced raw materials, KROMA® Natural White is an environmentally friendly, plastic-free alternative to plastic sheets such as PVC or polystyrene sheets.

    (Special) formats & free forms:

    KOHLSCHEIN offers KROMA® Natural White in four different thicknesses and in two stock sizes 700 x 1000 mm and 1000 x 1400 mm.
    As a manufacturer, we produce special sizes and/or special thicknesses on request on our reel-to-sheet lamination machine or sheet-to-sheet lamination machine.
    We will be pleased to cut individual sizes or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.

    Other materials of the KROMA® product family:
    • KROMA® Displayboard – White display board on both sides with chromo board top layers
    • KROMA® Outdoor – Both sides white display board for outdoor applications, e.g. signs, posters, pallet cladding, etc.
    • KROMA® Kraft – Double-sided natural brown display board with kraft board face sheets
    • KROMA® Mountingboard – Self-adhesive board with white backing for mounting / laminating printed sheets, photos, foils, etc.
    Practical accessories:
    • Poster stands: For easy mounting of signs, posters and figures made of KROMA®