Eska black Xtra

    Eska® black Xtra black cardboard for displays, signs, luxury packaging, bookbinding and display purposes etc.

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    Material:Solid board | Cardboard | Carton
    Top layer:Deep black board with satin top layers
    Core:Black (solid colored)
    Sizes:700 x 1000 | 1400 x 1000 mm | Special sizes on request
    Thickness:1.5 mm
    Grammage:1015 gsm
    Sustainability:Made of 100% recycled fibers | 100% recyclable | Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sheets
    Features:Very good flatness & high stability | Ideal cutting properties for clean cut edges
    Printing process:Digital printing | Screen printing
    Applications:Bookbinding purposes (book covers, spines) | POS/POP displays | ceiling hangers | packaging | presentations
    Special features:Solid colored quality with black cut edge

    Product description

    Eska® black Xtra – Deep black cardboard for high-quality applications!

    Deep black cardboard with satin paper top layers and an inlay made of 100% recycled fibres. Through-dyed quality with black cut edge.

    Application purposes:

    Eska® black Xtra display board is ideal for (luxury) packaging, decorative boxes, signage (signs, ceiling hangers), advertising stands, business equipment, presentations (of drawings, photos, graphics, designs). In addition, this high-quality and FSC®-certified solid board is used by bookbinders, architects, model makers and in many other creative fields.

    Further processing:

    The deep black top layers of Eska® black Xtra are ideal for direct digital printing and screen printing on both sides. The good stiffness and the black cut edge of Eska® black Xtra display board allow optimal further processing (laminating / die-cutting / digital cutting).


    The Eska® black Xtra cartonboard is FSC® certified (SCS-COC-002873 FSC Recycled 100%) and can be disposed of easily and cost-effectively as a 100% recyclable material.
    By using renewable and responsibly sourced raw materials, Eska® black Xtra is an environmentally friendly & plastic-free alternative to black plastic sheets.

    (Special) sizes & free forms:

    As a dealer of Eska® black Xtra, KOHLSCHEIN offers the stock formats 700 x 1000 mm and 1400 x 1000 mm.
    Special formats and/or special thicknesses are available on request.
    We are happy to cut individual cuts or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.

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