Ensocoat cellulose board for high-quality print applications such as luxury packaging, displays, posters and catalogs

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    Material:Fully bleached sulfate pulp board, double coated on one side, pigmented reverse side (GZ 1)
    Sizes:1000 x 700 | 720 x 1020 | 885 x 1125 | 950 x 1290 | 1000 x 1400 | 1200 x 1620 mm | Special formats on request
    Thicknesses:0.30 | 0.485 mm
    Grammages:250 | 380 gsm
    Properties:High whiteness | High surface smoothness, stability and stiffness
    Print methods:Digital printing | Screen printing | Offset printing | Flexo printing
    Processing:Laminating | Die cutting | Creasing/Grooving | Embossing | Folding
    Applications:(Luxury) packaging | Envelopes | Displays | Posters | Folders | Brochures | Book covers | Postcards
    Features:Due to the 3-ply composition, especially suitable for demanding further processing

    Product description

    Ensocoat cellulose board for outstanding printing results!

    Fully bleached sulfate pulp board (also known as “chromosulfate board”) with double-coated surface on one side and pigmented reverse side (GZ 1).


    Ensocoat is primarily used for high-quality print applications such as packaging in the cosmetics, perfume, chocolate, fine spirits and champagne sectors, as well as greeting cards, envelopes, displays, posters, book covers, folders, calendars and annual reports.

    Further processing:

    Ensocoat chromo-sulfate board is characterized by a high degree of whiteness and excellent printability (digital printing, screen printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, UV offset printing). Due to its three-layer composition, the board has particularly good stability and high stiffness. Ensocoat is ideal for applications with demanding further processing: laminating, die cutting, digital cutting, embossing, creasing, grooving and above all folding.

    (Special) formats & free forms:

    As a distributor of Ensocoat, KOHLSCHEIN offers many stock formats from 700 x 1000 to 1200 x 1620 mm.
    NEW: The XXL size 1700 x 2150 mm in 380 gsm, other special formats and/or special thicknesses are available on request.
    We are happy to cut individual cuts or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.

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