reel-to-sheet lamination

Our reel-to-sheet laminating machine converts single layer cardboard into multiple laminated boards such as white coated Display Board or Woodpulp Board (YVY).

This highly efficient machine and a large inventory of raw material allow ultimate production flexibility regarding possible material combinations, surfaces and sizes of the board.

Also we laminate customized specialties for the graphical and packaging industry as well as mat boards, passe-partout boards and backing boards for the framing industry. Stock or customized formats are deliverable with short lead times.

Are you interested in our converting services or do you have an idea for a new product?

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- Reel to sheet lamination
- Up to five layers can be laminated
- Sheet thickness from 0.3 to 5 mm
- Reel width up to 1.560 mm (61.4 in)
- Sheet length up to 6.000 mm (236.2 in)
- Customized productions are possible
- We also offer lamination with pH-neutral or wet strength glue