Other services

For a full service we have a diversified machinery for other processing services.

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Poster gluing machine

For the production of lightweight posters or posters with standing edges as well as for other bonding work.

- Max. format lightweight posters: 1.290 x 1.290 mm
- Max. format posters with standing edges: 1.270 x 1.270 mm
- Poster thicknesses: 2 - 20 mm

Folding and gluing machines

For folding and bonding of displays, folding boxes, CD sleeves, presentation folders and others.

- Processing cardboard from 180 - 600 gsm
- Bonding with hot & cold glue possible as well as applying with double-sided adhesive tape
- Max. input width: 1.050 mm

Shape gluing machine

For partial glue application during gluing and assembly works.

- Max. working width: 1.650 mm
- Working length: 150 - 1.200 mm

Lamination machine

For single- or double-sided applying of card boards, foam boards and synthetic panels with self-adhesive films or rather for laminating printed sheets on carrier materials.

- Max. working width: 2.040 mm