KAPA® line (Lightweight foam boards)

Lightweight and stable sandwich boards for laminating photos and prints, POS displays and model making. Easy to cut (cutting knife / cutter).
FSC®-certified layers | Acid-free/pH-neutral | Very good heat resistance

3.0 mm
5.0 mm
10.0 mm
15.0 mm
20.0 mm
Stock format
500 x 700 mm
700 x 1000 mm
1000 x 1400 mm
1220 x 2440 mm
1400 x 2000 mm
1400 x 3000 mm
1530 x 3050 mm
6 boards
8 boards
9 boards
12 boards
16 boards
18 boards
20 boards
24 boards
40 boards
48 boards
FSC certification
Made in Germany icon
KAPA® line (Lightweight foam boards)

The "classic" board among the lightweight foam boards!


The sandwich panel with FSC®-certified top layers of pigmented, white chromo substitute board and a core made of white PUR rigid foam.


KAPA® line foam boards (also known as decorative boards) are ideal for signage, mood boards, presentations and as a base panel for all design work, as well as for 3D applications such as POS/POP displays, exhibition stands and (architectural) model making.

Further processing:

The white, carboard-laminated face sheets are ideal for direct digital printing as well as screen printing. The open paper structure allows colours to dry particularly easily. Easy cutting (by cutter/knife or digital cutting plotter) allows creative shapes/free forms. Alternatively, prints (e.g. photos, plans, posters), as well as foils and textiles amongst other things, can be applied/laminated on KAPA® line boards with spray glue. An even simpler alternative to mounting prints is offered by KAPA® fix lightweight foam boards, which are equipped with self-adhesive film on one or both sides.

(Special) formats and free-forms:

As a leading 3A distributor KOHLSCHEIN offers the entire KAPA® line range in all thicknesses, formats and exclusive special formats.
We are happy to cut individual sheets and free-forms according to your specifications: cutting service.

Further features:

  • Cover layers can be processed with commercially available adhesives and colours
  • The foam core is resistant to almost all solvents and adhesives. For adhesives containing toluene, please carry out tests beforehand.
  • Service temperature permanent Td = -20 to 100°C; short-term Tk = up to 160°C
  • Fire rating: B3
  • pH value: 8.1 (acid-free)
  • Meets the following standards: DIN ISO 9001:2008, DIN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Made in Germany
All information is based on the current technical knowledge and experience of the manufacturer. It is to be regarded as advisory and therefore not legally binding.


KAPA® product information (PDF file)

KAPA® line (Lightweight foam boards)


3.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 15.0 mm, 20.0 mm


545 g/m², 615 g/m², 830 g/m², 1070 g/m², 1240 g/m²

Stock format:

500 x 700 mm, 700 x 1000 mm, 1400 x 1000 mm, 1400 x 1500 mm, 1400 x 2000 mm, 1220 x 2440 mm, 1400 x 3000 mm, 1530 x 3050 mm

Type of Material :

Lightweight foam board, Sandwich board


Cardboard, Chromo substitute board




Polyurethane foam (bright), Bright

Printing processes:

Digital printing, Large format digital printing, Screen printing

Further processing:

Cutting, Laminating

Application/range of use:

Decorations, Displays POS/POP, Exhibition stand construction/shopfitting, Figurines, Hanging signs, Lamination substrate for prints & photos, Model making, Shop window design, Signs, Stands

Special features:

Acid-free, CFC-free, Heat resistance, pH-neutral




3A Composites



Here is an overview of the grammages, thicknesses and formats we have in stock.
Special formats and / or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Thickness (mm)  Grammage (g/m²) Available formats (mm)
3 545 500 x 700 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400 - - - - -
5 615 500 x 700 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400 1220 x 2440 1400 x 2000 1400 x 3000 1530 x 3050 2030 x 3050
10 830 500 x 700 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400 - 1400 x 2000 1400 x 3000 1530 x 3050 -
15 1070 - 700 x 1000 1000 x 1400 - 1400 x 2000 1400 x 3000 - -
20 1240 - - 1000 x 1400 - 1400 x 2000 1400 x 3000 - -


Cutting pads / desk pads with cm divisons for safe and precise cutting of paper, cardboard and lightweight foam boards
Professional cutter with extremely sharp blades and sturdy handle for the cutting table, the studio and further processing of cardboard, lightweight foamboards, etc.
Dispersion glue with strong adhesive power for cardboard, paperboard and more.


Double sided bright white lightweight foam boards with bright white core for digital printing, screen printing and laminating purposes.
Self-adhesive lightweight foam board with excellent flatness and high adhesive strength for lamination of large format digital prints, photos, cards and posters.
Double-sided white display board with excellent printing and further processing properties. Eco-friendly paperboard for signs, displays and packaging.
Natural white display board with excellent printing and further processing properties. Eco-friendly paperboard for a wide range of display and packaging applications.
Natural white woodpulp board with very smooth surfaces. Light weight paperboard with high bulk, superior flatness and high stiffness.
PEFC-certified I 100 % recyclable I Toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3
Double-sided white lightweight foam board with moisture-repellent surfaces of coated cardboard for direct printing, display purposes and visual communication.
Double-sided bright white direct printing board with moisture repellent surfaces and high stability for display purposes and visual communication.
Extra dimensionally stable, both sides white lightweight foam board with aluminum-reinforced surfaces for large-format laminations of digital prints and photos.
White lacquered, flame retardant and moisture resistant lightweight foam board for advertising displays, visual communication and industrial applications.
Both sides deep black or bright white lightweight foam boards with color-matching core for creative work, presentation & model making. 
Colored lightweight foam boards with glossy and homogeneous surfaces in black/grey for decorations, presentations and model making.